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As C&J SOURCING,  we carry the flag we took over from customers onward to the manufacturers along with our team members, each of whom are very experienced in their own fields, and the know-how that comes together; and along with our knowledge of our industry and market;  and also  from customer’s point of view, we carry out control and  follow up functions at customer level  whilst controlling and following up through the deepest detail from manufacturer’s point of view.  We are working proactively, predicting and analysing and are attempting to eliminate mistakes before they occur and eliminate risks. We are closely following up the industrial improvements, finding innovations that would influence the industry via our continuous Research& Development studies and we forward and advise these to our partner companies; and putting great effort in creating a difference and value in our field of expertise.  We are setting ourselves an example before our competitors; we are promising and serving and a whole lot more than a standard sourcing office.      





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